Frequently Asked Questions

Full Features:

What our tool can do?

This is an online hacking tool that hacks SnapChat database for users info like username and password as well as images/videos/chatlogs that the particular user has received or sent. It provides you a .zip file that contains all files that has been successfully hacked.

Chatlog History Browser

This sends a GET function to get the chatlogs the victim has, you can also choose in which particular date you want to get for up to 60 days!

Is this really effective?

Why not try it yourself to know for yourself? Currently we are on beta mode and testing a total of 21,000 testers and not a single one complain about the effectivity of this tool.

Is this FREE?

We ask nothing from you to use our tool. Simply use it at your own risk. It's free anyway.

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Method is for educational purpose only we are not liable for any damage done using our tool to parties using it! Use at your own risk!
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